WriteUpp Practice Management Software - My Review

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by Lindsay Roadnight

last updated: 24/10/2022

A key part of the workload for any counsellor is maintaining client information and managing their diary. There are various applications and platforms designed for practice management. For the past 12 months, I have been using WriteUpp. It’s transformed my practice. In this blog, I will look at some of the key features.


Confidentiality and data security is paramount for counsellors. WriteUpp is designed with this in mind. The software is GDPR compliant, meaning you can store and access your practice information without worrying about security. Simply ensure your GDPR policy states that you use practice management software.

Optionally, you can enable 2 factor authentication on your account for additional security.


WriteUpp makes managing your diary easy. The layout of your diary page can be amended to reflect your working week. Holidays can be easily blocked out. Different appointment types and statuses can be created and colour coded so you can easily keep track of your schedule. The diary also syncs with other calendar apps, making it easy to keep up to date.

Each appointment type has its own price and duration. This makes it easy to manage your time as well as tracking your income. Appointments can be set to repeat daily, weekly, fortnightly etc. You only have to enter the data once for a recurring appointment.

The diary page also has a privacy feature which allows you to quickly and easily change the diary display from Client Name to their WriteUpp Code.

Example Diary Screenshot With Privacy Mode

Client Information

WriteUpp has a comprehensive set of fields for collecting client data. It is also very easy to set up new fields of information for anything else you may wish to record.

Client intake can be done via online submission. You send your new client an email (or text message) with a link to a form. The information they complete can then be automatically loaded onto their profile. Minimising the time needed for data entry and reducing the likelihood of mistakes.

Client Notes

Creating, storing and searching through notes can be time consuming and repetitive. By default, WriteUpp allows you to categorise your notes as either Clinical or Admin. You can add labels to your notes as well as creating different templates for future use. The notes facility also allows you to control the layout and format of your text meaning you can easily highlight important information.

I have found being able to design my own templates has been an amazing tool. I have a template for Session Notes which means I don’t have to remember to include various pieces of information. Notes can also be locked, meaning that they cannot subsequently be edited.

In addition to the notes facility, WriteUpp provides the ability to upload individual documents and attach these to an individual client record. I found this very useful when I was transitioning to WriteUpp from another piece of practice management software. I could easily upload the notes from the previous application as a document attached to the client record. In this way, all my client records were up to date in a single application.

Custom Forms

WriteUpp provides various forms that you can complete for clients, or send for them to complete remotely. There are many standard forms included such as GAD-7, PHQ-9. But you can also create your own forms and customise them with your practice logo.

Other Features

You can send messages and reminders to clients through WriteUpp. These are automatically logged in the client history. The messages can be individual or you can set up template messages that are sent at specific times (such as reminders 24 hours before a session).

Invoices and Payments can be created, sent and tracked through WriteUpp. You can personalise the invoice with your practice logo.

WriteUpp can be accessed through a webpage or via an app (available for both android and apple).


WriteUpp is a very useful and powerful tool that has transformed how I run my practice. The flexibility of the system means that it can be a steep learning curve getting to grips with it. It’s worthwhile sticking with it, the helpdesk are very responsive and there are some help videos on youtube. Additionally, I have supported practitioners switching over to WriteUpp from other software systems.


A single user, on the standard price plan is £14.95 per month (£17.94 including VAT).

There are some optional extras that can be added to the standard subscription:

  • Online Payments (£4.95pm ex VAT)
  • Text Messages
  • Video Sessions

Try WriteUpp for 30 days free with my referral link. (I will receive a small referral fee if you use my link.)

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