How Can Business Coaching Help Me?

by Lindsay Roadnight

last updated: 05/04/2022

Individual business coaching can be an excellent way to improve your confidence and push your business forward.  We recognise that it is a big investment, so it’s important to understand what is on offer.

What Is It?

Business coaching is where a small business owner works with a coach in order to improve their business.  Counselling training teaches us many clinical skills, but few training providers cover any aspect of running a business.  The vast majority of therapists will work in Private Practice at some point.  Sometimes, this may be a small practice of perhaps just one or two clients, or it might be a full time role dealing with 20+ clients.  Whatever the size of your practice, you are running a business and you will need an array of skills and support to help you do this.

“I define a leader as anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.”
Brene Brown

Our business coaching is designed to fit around your needs.  Some people might benefit from a single session, others might want more longer term support which could be either regular support for a short period, or more sporadic sessions spread out over a longer period of time.  You might not know what you need, and that’s completely fine too.  We operate in a flexible manner and want to work with you so you can maximise the benefits for you and your business.

How Is It Different From Therapy / Supervision?

There is a real overlap between Supervision, Personal Therapy and Business Coaching.  Both Andy and I are qualified therapists so we know how to work with people relationally in order to help improve their self awareness and make better choices.  Essentially, business coaching is the same principle applied to the non-clinical side of your practice.

As a client in personal therapy, we’re encouraged to focus on ourselves and increase our self awareness.  This helps us identify and break down blocks to our own success and happiness.  As a therapist, our supervision focuses on our client work helping both ourselves and the client to identify blocks and learn how to move forward.  Business Coaching is the same process applied to the business side of your work.  Working on identifying any blocks and building strategies to break these down and improve your business.

What Areas Can I Focus On?

I offer support for the business side of your practice.  From accounting and record keeping, through to contracts and communication.  Andrew specialises in Marketing and PR and can help you with both the mindset and practicalities of Marketing.  You can read more about our backgrounds on our individual pages.

Andrew Harvey

Andrew Harvey

Lindsay Roadnight

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How Much Does It Cost?

An individual session with either Andrew Harvey or myself costs £70 (each session is an hour).  At the moment we’re running a special offer of £99 for 2 hours – which can either be 2 hours with one of us or you can have an hour with each of us.

One advantage that business coaching has over personal therapy is that is it tax deductible!  As a Sole Trader / Company Director you can pay for professional advice and coaching through your business.

How Can I Book or Find Out More?

To book a session, or if you have any questions just drop us an email on

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