Fee Calculator

Here is my Fee Calculator.  This allows you to enter your business costs, estimate holiday and sickness leave as well as client absences together with your client hours per week and it calculates the minimum cost (on an hourly and weekly basis) that you need to charge in order to break even.  Below the calculation there are two tables which show your weekly and annual income, expenditure and profits with various fee amounts. 

This page may not display properly on a small screen. If you are using a phone to view this page, it might work if viewed horizontally (in landscape mode).  There are some further notes and hints on how to complete the form at the bottom of the page.

For a more indepth look at setting fees (including an explanation of the simple maths behind this calculator) see my blog Fee Setting – How Do I Set My Fees?

No information is stored from this calculator.  If you navigate away from this page, your information will be lost.

Holiday Weeks
Sickness Leave
Client Absence
Non Working Weeks
Working Weeks
Client Hours Per Week
Session Fee
Costs Per Week
Costs Per Session

Weekly Income

Annual Income



  • I have included some example costs with suggested amounts.  You can amend these by typing over the values.
  • You can select Annual / Monthly / Weekly as the frequency for a cost and this will update the Annual Cost accordingly.
  • Monthly Costs are multiplied by 12 and Weekly Costs are multiplied by 52
  • You can add a new row by clicking the Add Row button
  • If you already have your annual costs you can just have a single entry for annual costs

Working Weeks

  • Enter your desired holiday allowance, estimated sickness leave and client absences in weeks
  • The number of working and non working weeks will then be calculated for you


  • Enter the number of sessions you wish to work in a week
  • Enter a session fee

Income Tables

  • Your total income, expenditure and pre-tax profits will then be calculated in the table for different fee amounts.  The last row in each table is the calculation for the session fee you entered in the previous step.