Does Marketing A Successful Practice Have To Be Painful?

Andrew Harvey (Counsellor and Marketing Coach) thinks not, and in this article he shares how to make it much less painful. 

by Andrew Harvey

last updated: 24/03/2022

For the people who are not marketeers and those who feel overwhelmed at the idea of marketing, growing your private practice does not have to be painful!  In fact, it can be painless and even fun!

I want to start this post with something that I feel is important for counsellors to know. There are lots of different ways to build your private practice, lots and lots.  The key is to find what works for you, what fits ethically, comfortably, and successfully for you!

It feels important to acknowledge the different ways to approach marketing, as I often see practitioners getting bogged down in stuff they don’t want to do, stuff that doesn’t sit well with their values, or worse stuff that does not work for them

I think, broadly speaking, there are over a dozen ways that you could grow your practice. Start with just 2 or 3 that feel possible and focus on them.  You might need a bit of support, know-how, or even training, but it’s doable!  Hopefully, starting with just a couple of different things will feels less difficult and less overwhelming.

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I realise that some people have more opportunities and resources than others, and that can make a big difference in building a practice.  However, even without a lot of connections and resources, it is absolutely possible to build a successful, ethical, and sustainable private practice in just a few months. It doesn’t have to take years, nor does it require a ton of cash up front.  You don’t have to be perfect; “good enough” is great!

So how do you do it? How do you build a sustainable, ethical, and successful practice? For many, it is about working smarter, getting the help when needed and putting the work in.  You may need to be flexible in your approach to the business side of things.

The marketing side of Private Practice is not rocket science, and it might even be enjoyable when you find the ways that work for you.

Marketing Private Practice is not too difficult, when you take it step by step and do what works.

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