Counselling training teaches us the theory and skills needed to be a counsellor, however there is a real lack of knowledge and understanding about how to run a successful practice from a business point of view.

This is why I set up the Business of Counselling. Whether you’re just starting out and want to know about registering as self employed, being a sole trader, setting up a limited company or if you’ve got an established practice, but you’d like to feel more in control of your business finances, know how to budget and pay yourself, or learn new skills such as excel or cloud accounting. I can help.

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Hi, I’m Lindsay and I’m the founder of Business of Counselling.

I qualified as a counsellor in June 2018. I always knew I wanted to run my own practice and that’s what I did straight after qualifying. Prior to becoming a counsellor, I was a self employed IT contractor and I have been running my limited company since 2007. It was fairly straight forward for me to set up my counselling business. I was able to use my knowledge from running my IT company to help me with my new practice.

I specialise in helping people with the admin side of their private practice.  From accounts and record keeping to contracts and communication, I can help you set up processes and systems that work for you.


Hi, I’m Andrew Harvey and I joined Business of Counselling in 2022.

Prior to becoming a therapist I was involved in and ran a number of successful businesses in marketing, radio and events. This experience and knowledge helped me build a successful private practice quickly and comfortably.

I specialises in helping people improve their marketing for their private practices.  I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will help you find what works for you and your business.    

Andrew Harvey